Continuing Rapid Approvals from the TSC

As we have reported previously, the Texas Service Center (“TSC”) is improving its processing times for NIW I-140 applications.  Based on recent case approvals from our office, we are happy to report that this trend is continuing.

Taking one recent case as an example:

The beneficiary worked for a large pharmaceutical company as a medical researcher, and the company submitted an EB-1B on his behalf.  His work involved the early detection of certain cancer precursors to assist in making medical diagnoses. The beneficiary had 7 total publications on this subject and he was first author in 5 of those publications.  From these publications, he had a total of 86 citations and he had several patents that were used in a drug that went market.  The beneficiary also submitted his I-485 concurrently with his EB-1B based I-140.

The beneficiary received approval for his I-140 and I-485 within 68 days of submission to the TSC.  Naturally, he was very pleased to have received his green card within approximately 2 months of submitting his case.

As the above case indicates, the TSC is continuing to improve its processing times this past year as nearly all of our non-RFE cases now fall within the 2-8 month processing time range.  Also, for those applicants who concurrently file an I-140 and I-485, the TSC will approve both the I-140 and I-485 at the same time.  This improvement in processing times is a welcome development, especially since the TSC has consistently gone beyond the posted processing times for EB-1 and NIW cases in the past.