Continuing Rapid Approvals for the Nebraska Service Center

We are happy to report that the Nebraska Service Center (“NSC”) has continued its trend of extremely rapid approvals for National Interest Waiver (“NIW”) based I-140’s.  Since May 2013, the average processing time for NIW cases adjudicated at the NSC from our office has been approximately 51 days.  Our fastest case was adjudicated in 25 days, and the “slowest” case during this period was adjudicated in 96 days (neither of these cases received a Request for Evidence or “RFE”).  Many of our readers have inquired whether this fast adjudication time only applies to our stronger cases. Based on the numerous cases that we have filed, it does not appear that the strength of a case correlates to the length of time that it takes to adjudicate the case.  This is demonstrated using our fastest and slowest adjudicated cases as examples:

Case processed by USCIS in 25 days:

In this case, the petitioner was a PhD biologist with six publications and 23 citations to his published articles. There were no significant citations to his first author publications and he had reviewed two manuscripts for a peer-reviewed journal. Although there were no other significant accomplishments in the field, we were able to obtain a case approval within 25 days without an RFE.

Case processed by USCIS in 96 days:

This petitioner was a PhD Electrical Engineer with 11 publications and over 100 citations to his work.  He presented at some of the field’s leading conferences and had an established reputation in the field.  We were able to obtain a case approval within 96 days without an RFE.

Overall, there does not appear to be a correlation between the length of adjudication and the relative strength of a case.  This means that that the 51 day average processing time should hold for all cases, regardless of the strength of the case.

As our recent case approvals indicate, the NSC is continuing the trend of extremely rapid NIW approvals. Based on our submitted cases, we are seeing an average of 51 days for the I-140 to be adjudicated with an approximate 2 months of additional processing for I-485’s that were filed concurrently.  Thus, it is not unusual for our clients to receive a green card within 4 months of concurrently submitting an I-140 and I-485 to the NSC.

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